I am currently seeking freelance or fulltime opportunities as a 3d Generalist/Artist in a collaborative and creative environment on high-end 3d with talented people.

I am a freelance 3d Artist/Generalist with a passion towards look and light and texture. I have typically done any or all phases of a 3d job in the Post Production and Visual FX area, from modeling, animating, texturing, and lighting, to the rendering of images, sometimes final or as elements to be treated further down the pipeline.  I have complete and updated hardware and software to produce all the above for delivery via the internet, including dailies to your inbox.

I am very willing and interested to learn new techniques, technologies and software. I enjoy working alone with little supervision or even better with a collaborative team of talented and creative people. I would dig a chance to break into games and to do more film work.  And I would consider the right full time gig.

My experience in 3D CGI and Digital Visual Effects is with using 3ds Max 2010, Cinema 4d, Softimage XSI, Mental Ray, Vray, Photoshop CS4 Extended and Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium and I am starting to play with Zbrush and After Effects.  I have been doing 3d professionally for over 20 years and been involved with using many other pieces of software such as Renderman and Elastic Reality in their past incarnations.  I own cuts of all the above mentioned software with the hardware and experience to put it to use for your next project.

This site was designed using an iWeb 08 template; kudos to Apple; its simple!  Seems to work on XP Pro and Mac OS X with the Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari browsers; my apologies to Linux users.  Movies are Quicktime v7.* H.264.  If you have a problem viewing my demo reel here, I can give you an ftp address from which to download it or I would be happy to send you a physical DVD version.  This is version 6.0x of this portfolio website which has been online since October 1994.


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Welcome to my site

Recent work for MTV, and for a trailer for an independent movie, and for a 3d Art for Games Course at the University of Washington